Top 10 Rated Windows Anti-viruses for 2018

Top 10 Rated Windows Anti-viruses for 2018

Top 10 Rated Windows Anti-viruses for 2018

In this age of technological advancement, Viruses and Malware have also evolved with new ones springing up every now and then ravaging users’ data and causing wide spread damage in its path.

Any computer (Linux, mac or windows) that is connected to a network stands the risk of being infected but with over 80% of these treats targeted at Windows users due to its popularity and certain vulnerabilities within the operating system, it is therefore of vital Importance that Windows users should have a very reliable endpoint security product or antivirus in place.

Hence the question, which antivirus do I pick? Well let’s assist you in making that choice by presenting you with our list of top 10 rated anti-viruses for windows in 2018 according to SE labs.

SE labs is a very reputable IT security company that is certified for The Provision of IT Security Product Testing. Based on its most recent report, which was conducted by selecting a range of well-known antivirus products and subjecting them to the same treats, the results indicated how effectively each product would perform when exposed to such treats in real time, after factoring all required benchmarks they arrived at the following conclusion:

Here we go,

1. Norton security

2. ESET Smart security

3. McAfee internet security

4. Kaspersky internet security

5. Trend micro internet security

6. Windows defender

7. Bitdefender internet security

8. F- Secure safe

9. Avira free security suite

10. AVG antivirus free edition.

Antivirus software may not prevent every type of cyber-attack, but it is an invaluable tool when trying to prevent intrusion into a computer, which ever one you choose is guaranteed to give you high level protection, don’t forget to always get the latest updates and patches from your chosen vendor when online as this will go a long way in enhancing its overall effectiveness.

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