NEWS: The 14 Music and Records Signs and Unveil Six Musical Artists 

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The 14 has started the journey of setting the pace in the Entertainment industry by signing some prolific talents into its label. This event took place on the 3 august 2018 at the 14 PARTNERS ALLIANCE conference room,with families of the artist,men of the press and the company’s executives ‎in attendance.

The record label is aware of the capabilities of these artists because most the artists have gone through training in the 14 academy.The principal officer of the company ;Mr. Bobo states that the company is mentally and resourcefully ready to achieve and accomplish its
goals in the industry.

The artist signed to the company are PEACE AZUKA,CHIDI CHRIS, OYINYE, DAMI, DURU,JOHN HARRY.The artists are excited with the juicy white and green contract deal and promised to give their best in the pursuit of their various careers with the company.